How We

Do It

Growing Income for Life℠

Our dividend growth investment approach is designed to create a stream of investment income that grows each year while keeping your savings intact to grow over the longer term. We believe this combination of short-term income and long-term growth enables you to live your life with greater confidence and peace of mind in all market environments.

We empower possibilities.

Based on your assets and your aspirations, we help you identify what is possible now as well as envision how greater financial freedom could open up new possibilities for you in the future.
Our investment philosophy is grounded in our belief that owning companies that pay a dividend and have a track record of increasing that dividend each year leads to superior long-term investment results.
These dividend growth companies have stable and sustainable business models, weathered downturns and prospered in recoveries and, most important, rewarded shareholders with dividend increases through a wide variety of market and economic conditions.
We construct diversified portfolios of these companies that are designed to accomplish four jobs for you:
Generate meaningful and dependable quarterly dividend income
Grow the dividend income annually
Provide attractive long-term capital appreciation
Protect capital in down markets
Since you’ll rank the importance of these jobs based on what’s most important to you, we offer multiple targeted equity income strategies to meet your specific needs.

We get the lines to cross.

We aim to get your lines to cross, so your investment income exceeds your life expenses, creating financial freedom.
As registered investment advisors, Verity Investment Partners' dividend growth investment strategy can help you create growing income for life. Our team of Certified Financial Planners, Chartered Financial Analysts and investment advisors come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.