Who We Serve

Planning Your Future

We help you plan your future and manage your investments so that you have the time and resources to live the life you want to lead.
Individuals or Couples Planning for Retirement

A couple retires and moves to a new location triggering the need for a new investment manager closer to their new home.

Women in Transition

A woman is widowed or divorced and seeks a trusted advisor she can depend on to help her shape a secure financial future.


An individual receives inheritance or insurance proceeds and seeks a trusted advisor to help him or her be a good steward of the funds received.


A veterinarian who has worked to build a practice and is seeking help in determining how to meet his or her personal goals including retirement.


A dentist who is looking for guidance in meeting his or her personal and professional goals, whether establishing or joining a practice, or winding down to maximize investment income to replace earned income.


A doctor or other medical professional who is setting up, building and/or selling his or her practice and seeks help in maximizing the transition both professionally and personally.

Business Owners

A business owner who sells his or her business and needs an investment manager to help develop a plan and manage the assets from the sale.

We serve individuals and couples seeking a registered investment advisor in all phases of their life.