What We Do

Making a Dent

We aspire to make a positive difference in your life by helping you create the financial freedom and confidence you need to live the life you want to live.

Our Purpose: You

  • Whether you’re looking to start a new venture, buy a vacation home, comfortably educate your children or grandchildren, travel the world, contribute to a cause beyond your expectations or fulfill other life-long goals, we are committed to helping you shape the life you want to lead by helping you prioritize what matters most and providing a practical and more predictable way to fund it through our investment process.

How we work with you.

We seek to help you shape the life you want to lead through our four-step client process.
Figuring out what matters most
Determining what is possible
Expanding what is possible over time
Staying on track
  • Continually updating what matters most and what is possible
  • Making changes as necessary to live at the intersection
We offer a holistic approach to investment management that combines financial planning, investment strategy and ongoing portfolio management. By investing in dividend growth companies, we are able to create a steady and growing stream of investment income while keeping your savings invested to grow in value over time. If you do not need the dividend income, it can be reinvested as additional savings. In 2020, the Financial Times recognized Verity Investment Partners as one of the Top 300 Registered Investment Advisory Firms in the United States.